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What our program offers

Ready, Steady, Launch

A woman applaused by people in a room

8 - Week Mentorship Program

How it breaks down

Delivery: Online Course, with eight group coaching

calls, journal, community forum, 1-page starter
plan, Launch Assessment results

Value: $10,000

Introductory Investment Price: $2500 $1197
Launch Vehicle Quiz: Free to high school

Your journey to readiness, confidence, and security in your future starts here today. 

Our team will offer you and your child the tools for success with our program. 


Upon enrollment we"ll:

1. Assess your students' executive function, soft skills, and life skills. 

2. Help them build a 1-page plan for what to do next.

3. Teach them how to pivot.

4. Teach them some of the skills they are missing.

5. Serve as a sounding board as they progress forward.

6. 8-week mentorship program, 1-year online access to content & transition specialists

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